LoneLy Moon

LoneLy Moon.


MesAyah – Alone (prod George Black) new track

A cool emotional stuck!

Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

This is the hardest and the most delightful track I have ever made. You who have followed me knows the story behind this.


Night faded with the lights out
Love raised me
and punched me with a right strike
Punched a hole in my heart
try to find the lost piece
can´t puzzle the picture with lost parts
well, there´s a hole in me
try to fill it with you energy
a metaphor for memories
melancholy remedies, beating in your melodies
all is a metaphor for everything
we´re all metaphors for life and living
life is just a metaphor for human being
but i much rather have you here


Conversations for a life time
debates and discussions
triggered life to out paradigm
saw your life as my life line
wrote your life on my mic stand
while i carried your wisdom
in my right hand
we wanted…

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